Showcasing the first steps into adulthood in an unconventional setting for these graduation photos | Brampton, ON

Graduation marks the start of the journey as our children cross over into the first steps of adulthood. While most graduation photos are very formal and staged, Maria wanted to present her daughter with something out of the box.

Graduation Photos in Brampton

Brampton Graduation Photos

Brampton Graduation Photos in Spring

When I was first approached by Maria, she had asked if we could take a typical studio session outdoors. As someone who loves to photograph people in more natural surroundings, I was all for it. She had suggested Mount Pleasant Village Park which was steps from my Brampton studio. It was my first time exploring the area from the other side of a lens. The area offered such a variety of options. Known for the modern library and the water fountain within the square, which freezes over into an ice rink in the winter, I was surprised that I had never considered this location myself.

Outdoor Graduation Photos

Graduation Photos in Spring

Spring Graduation Photos

This young lady took a fresh stance on her graduation photos

Graduation Photos

Best Photographers for Graduation Photos

Best Photographer for Graduation Photos

Maria’s daughter was up for the challenge and we chose a day that would have minimal onlookers. She listened well to any direction I gave her. We had fun finding artistic ways to show off her personality through the images. I had wanted to create a visual that represented her journey of her graduating not only from school but from childhood into adulthood. I was able to create an artistic portrayal that showed her grown up looks against the childish toys from the playground. Peeking through the netting that she used to climb on and portraits from behind the apparatus accomplished our mission.

Top Photographer for Graduation

Top Photographers for Graduation

We then headed over to another local location, McNab Park. Here, we were presented with a change of scenery that offered greenery and water. Graduation plays a big part for everyone involved so I had her parents join her for family portraits. Just as Maria had wanted to present her with some beautiful memories, I wanted to make sure they had some of their family unit before starting her life journey.

McNab Graduation photos

Graduation photos in Norval

Spring Portraits at McNab Park

What happened when we thought outside the box for these graduation photos

Spring Photos at McNab Park

Maria’s daughter looked so confident in person and that was an element I wanted to make sure translated to the images themselves. By keeping our backdrops fresh and varied, from streams and vivid greenery to modern brick, we kept her energy up. I am so thankful that her mother had been willing to invest in this session and was open enough to veer away from the norm. The result were some fabulous graduation photos and memories that they can all cherish as a family.

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Guelph Family Photographers

Family Photographer in Guelph

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Session Location(s): Mount Pleasant Village Park and McNab Park, Norval, ON
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