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Time flies when you’re having fun. Mostly though, time flies when you have children (because they’re fun, of course!) Having a rambunctious 3 year old and a baby on the way, I’m realizing just how fast the weeks fly by, turning into months and morphing into years. I have the same wish that every parent does, I’m sure… To have the ability to bottle up our children’s youth. To have the time to enjoy every breathe, every step and delight in every new discovery. Unfortunately, we live in real time and while we can make a conscious effort to slow ourselves down and thoroughly enjoy our kids, the reality is we can’t be there for every milestone. Nor do our memories serve us well enough to remember every detail of our children’s faces at various stages in their development. That’s where I can help!
Siblings Portrait, ground posing - Family Photographer Siblings Portrait, Fall Theme - Family PhotographerSiblings Portrait, by the lake - Family PhotographerSiblings Portrait, at the stairs - Family Photographer
Capturing Memories
Family photography sessions are the best avenue for preserving memories of you and your loved ones in this very moment. When I met Ruth and we discussed what she wanted out of her photography sessions, I admired her commitment to preserving the memory of her children’s faces and demeanor at various stages of their development. Every year, Ruth makes it a priority to have photos taken of her three children. She told me that she displays large prints of these photos in her house and adds to the wall of portraits every year. This year, I was honoured to be able to contribute to such a display of affection and admiration.
Siblings Portrait, under the tree - Family Photographer - DA Photography Teen Portrait - Family Photographer Teen Portrait, close up - Family PhotographerSiblings Portrait, by the lake with dramatic sky - Family Photographer - DA Photography
Keeping It Real
During our photo shoot one of Ruth’s kids wore a number of friendship bracelets made of a bright material that some might refer to as luminescent. I see these bracelets everywhere on other kids their age, they’re a trendy fashion statement. While I think the bracelets look great, a lot of parents might not agree with wearing them for a professional photo shoot. Some parents would insist their child take them off for the session but, not Ruth. Ruth told me she wants to maintain the memory of her kids at this age – brightly coloured bracelets and all.
Black and White Teen Portrait, Fall Theme - Family PhotographerTeen Portrait, at the beach - Family Photographer Black and White Teen Portrait, Fall - Family Photographer Siblings Portrait, between the trees - Family Photographer - DA Photography
We’re All in This Together
A number of times I have photographed the children in a family without an adult in the image. However, I always try to entice the adults to get in on the photo, whether or not they’re dressed for the occasion or have their hair done perfectly. I figure that since we’re all there, why not try a photo or two? You never know what can happen. By the end of the shoot, Ruth reluctantly got in front of the camera and I think the images look great!
Family Portrait, at the stairs - Family Photographer - DA Photography
Meeting Ruth 
As a family photographer, I never know when or where my next client will come from. In the case of Ruth, she was referred to me by a family that worked with me two years ago in Oakville. While I didn’t hear directly from the family, they referred me to Ruth. During the photo shoot and again during the purchasing process, Ruth mentioned that while she had a lot of experience working with professional photographers, she really enjoyed the uniqueness of my work. Ruth and her kids were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to meeting with them again!

Behind the scene with Dragi Andovski - Family Photographer

Behind the scene photo taken by Ruth. Below is the actual photo which I’m showing it above.Siblings Portrait, outdoor with Fall Theme - Family Photographer - DA Photography
Behind the scene posing with Dragi Andovski - Family Photographer
Another behind the scene photo taken by Ruth. Below is my signature image of this favourite location.
Siblings Portrait, outdoor ground posing - Family Photographer - DA Photography
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Assistant Photography: Jacquie Dudley
Location: Paletta Lakefront and Mansion, Burlington, ON

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