Kealey McMillan’s Family Portrait Session at Riverside Park, Guelph, ON

Sometimes takes so much effort to organize family photo especially if you have more age group people involved. Kealey did it with a lot of effort to bring both grandparents and her family for group portrait. Was hard work to have everybody look at the camera and behave at tier best or even smile but

Bride’s “getting ready” session (98 photos with 68 Poses in 10 minutes time)

When I arrived at the bride’s location where Jess my bride was getting ready for her special day the first thing I did after greeting her and her family was to scout locations that will work for her photos. Sometimes on wedding days, something comes up affecting the schedule and the photographer is required to

Shawn & Jess Walia’s Wedding Day at Bellvue Manor, Vaughan, ON

Usually I’m posting just photos of the bride and the groom for my wedding posts but this time I decided to show a more behind-the-scene, photojournalistic approach of this well-organized and well-prepared wedding reception. I think through the photos you will be able to see all of the glory and beauty for one well thought