Why engagement photos with dogs are becoming so popular? Burlington, ON

In this new Instagram world, we are beginning to see how important fur babies are in our lives. My friends and family’s feeds are exploding with their adorable dogs and cats in all types of scenarios. More and more, I am approached by couples who are requesting to have their engagement photos include their dogs.

This trendy little fur baby kept warm in style during this winter arboretum engagement | Barrie, ON

In a society full of people wanting to conform to what the mass think is the norm, it’s refreshing when I stumble across clients that relish their own uniqueness. Veronica and Brett wanted to celebrate their winter Arboretum engagement with a shoot that included their fur baby. They had chosen to embrace the traditional red

If you can only look at one thing today, prepare for your heart to be melted at this lakeside Casablanca Winery Inn wedding | Grimsby, ON

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, Sarah and Blair’s Casablanca Winery Inn wedding will melt your heart. The inclusion of their fur baby had been a unanimous decision from our initial meeting. When I met him at their engagement session, and saw the bond between the three of them, I could see why. We