These family reunion photos will be remembered for years to come, meltdown and all | Gairloch Gardens, Oakville

There is something so special about seeing a multi generational family reunion photos, whether at home or on location. Life can get so busy with work and family commitments, that it’s humbling to see that people have taken the time to prioritize. The pleasure I see on grandparents faces as they watch their offspring proudly,

Wedding Photographer | How taking the extra time to know your clients leads to better engagement photos | Oakville, ON

I had already worked with Ashley and Paolo in 2012 when I photograph their newborn baby photo session, so I was thrilled when I was approached to document their wedding and engagement photos. Building a relationship with your clients is key for getting the most out of the photo sessions. As you get to know

Wedding Photographer |You know it will be a fun wedding when you mix Irish Bride and Latino Groom| Oakville Harbour, ON

I knew I was in for a fun day when I initially met Claire and Gary to discuss their wedding plans at Oakville Harbour. When you mix Irish and Latino cultures, you are guaranteed a party to remember. Emotionally charged Latino, Irish wedding This was a wedding that I will always hold near to my