Wedding Photographer | How taking the extra time to know your clients leads to better engagement photos | Oakville, ON

I had already worked with Ashley and Paolo in 2012 when I photograph their newborn baby photo session, so I was thrilled when I was approached to document their wedding and engagement photos. Building a relationship with your clients is key for getting the most out of the photo sessions. As you get to know

Wedding Photographer | When your wedding couple is camera shy | Carl’s Catering The Glen, Brampton

Overcoming discomfort in front of the camera on their wedding day with Alicia and Phil at Carl’s Catering The Glen, Brampton One of the most common concerns clients have is their discomfort being in front of a camera. This can be problematic and stressful when we they are planning a wedding or event that will be

Kenneth Morgan’s Family Photo Session at Kariya Park, Japanese Garden, Mississauga,ON

I enjoy it so much when I have to go back to my favorite shooting locations and photograph different style of photography. Sometimes the same place looks way different when you have wedding or family photograph on that spot’ Today was the case with Morgan’s family who pick Kariya Park as they favorite place for