Vintage Hotels: A Wedding Photographer’s Delight

As a preferred Vintage Hotels wedding photographer, it was an absolute joy to document Kathryn and Riley’s wedding at Millcroft Inn and Spa.
I first met the couple in 2018 when I captured the wedding of Kathryn’s sister, Veronica, and her husband, Brett, at the beautiful Hockley Valley in Caledon. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family during their fall wedding. Since then, I have been blessed to work with them multiple times.

Vintage Hotels Wedding

Vintage Hotels Weddings

Wedding at Vintage Hotels

Intimate Wedding at Vintage Hotels

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Vintage Hotels Intimate Wedding

Vintage Hotels Garden Weddings

Vintage Hotels Intimate Weddings

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding

Puzzling weather forecast for this vintage hotel wedding

During Kathryn and Riley’s wedding weekend, I found myself booked for two additional weddings back-to-back, making for a tight schedule. Additionally, I also had to keep a close eye on the forecast as the weather can be tricky these days, even in summer. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay alert and be ready to act fast if rain arrives. That way, we can avoid disappointment and ensure our clothes and equipment remain dry and safe, too.

On the wedding day, the forecast predicted continuous downpours and minimal sunshine. Despite this, I decided not to let the weather dampen our plans or the joy of this special occasion. I arrived with a positive attitude at one of my favourite wedding venues affiliated with Vintage Hotels, determined to make the best of the day. It had rained a couple of days before the wedding, which made the lush greenery surrounding the Inn appear exceptionally vibrant and inviting for our wedding photoshoot.

Brides at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Bride and Groom at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Bride and Groom in Alton

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Vintage Hotels

Outdoor wedding ceremonies at Vintage Hotels

Garden Wedding at Vintage Hotels

Vintage Hotels Garden Wedding

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding Photos

The start of this intimate wedding

Having previously worked with Kathryn and having photographed Veronica’s wedding in the past, it was easy for me to reconnect and start capturing the magic again. When I entered their getting-ready suite, I felt a bit of unease due to the impending rainy weather. However, I was determined not to let the weather dampen the atmosphere. To set a relaxed tone, I immediately engaged with Veronica’s baby boy, who was observing the women’s activities with quiet curiosity. Kathryn had opted for an intimate wedding, so only a few people were in the hotel room, including her sister, who served as the maid of honour, and her sister-in-law, another bridesmaid. This made it easier for me to focus on capturing moments and fostering a relaxed atmosphere.

Bride at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding Photo

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Wedding Dress at Millcroft Inn and Spa

The first look at the back of the Inn

The anticipated rainstorm was delayed by about 30 minutes, much to my delight—a welcomed gift from the sky.
I had instructed Erika, my second photographer, to wrap up the getting-ready shots with Riley, located in the main building of the Millcroft Inn.
The overcast sky and pleasant temperature gave us ideal conditions for capturing beautiful photos.
Having shot at this stunning location before, I easily began the session and guided my couple towards each place where we would like them to be photographed and captured on their wedding day.
The sky cleared as they laid eyes on each other, and the sun unexpectedly emerged, adding to the magic of the first-look photos and pre-wedding session. I couldn’t help but notice the excitement in the eyes of everyone involved in this first look photos and the pre-wedding photo session.
By the fountain at the back of the hotel rooms, we took all the photos with the bridal party, which consisted of their siblings and husbands.

Afterward, Erika and I led the bride and groom towards the open wedding chapel at this vintage hotels venue.
I couldn’t resist stopping and taking photos on the bridge, which overlooked the waterfalls of this location.
The sun was shining, and there was no evidence that a rainstorm was coming. However, I knew it was moving slowly toward us.
We visited the chapel, capturing intimate moments of the happy couple, who were thrilled with their venue choice and even more so now that we were capturing their joyous moments.

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Outdoor or Indoor wedding ceremony at Millcroft Inn and Spa

After our session ended, a sense of relief washed over me. Although I knew we needed to take more family photos, I decided to think about it later.
Kathryn and Riley originally planned an outdoor wedding ceremony, but it started raining heavily. Fortunately, the staff at Millcroft Inn had already set up an indoor ceremony as a backup plan, so we were able to proceed with the ceremony without any regrets or disappointment.
I took pleasure in capturing the reactions of their parents, with whom I had worked before. I thoroughly enjoy working with familiar faces! Sometimes, with repeat clients, you wonder what new angles and ideas you can explore. However, in journalistic photography, there’s no need to fret; simply being present and capturing unfolding moments is all you need.

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremony at Millcroft Inn and Spa in Alton

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding Ceremony

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Vintage Hotels wedding ceremony

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding Group Photo

The cocktail reception at MillCroft Inn and Spa

In the meantime, the rainstorm had turned into light rain but was still ongoing. I directed my couple and their guests towards the awning of the indoor wedding ceremony place for their group photos. While I braved the rain, they remained covered and sheltered outside.
Miraculously, as I captured the final frame of the group photo, the rain stopped. I couldn’t believe it! Taking advantage of the break in weather, I casually directed the immediate family to join Kathryn and Riley by the bridge for more intimate shots. While I focused on these pictures, Erika ensured she captured candid moments of the guests enjoying themselves, savouring finger foods and drinks.

Wedding Photography at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Wedding Photographs at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Wedding Photos at Millcroft Inn and Spa in Alton

Weddings at Millcroft Inn and Spa

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Photo of wedding bouquet at Millcroft Inn and Spa in Alton

The luncheon wedding reception

Kathryn and Riley had opted for a daytime Sunday wedding, with plans for lunch instead of dinner, offering a delightful array of tasty dishes and drinks.
As they had a small and intimate wedding, they could enjoy candid moments with every guest, as they knew them so well.
The speeches flowed, bringing happy and emotional tears among many guests and touching on deeply personal moments.
Do people dance at daytime weddings? For sure, they do, and they have so much fun! After cutting the cake and wrapping up the entertainment, the dance floor filled up, with Kathryn and Riley joining the fun.
With the new timeline of a daytime wedding, it was tricky to recognize when it was time for me to go. As the festivities continued, I realized that creating my signature nighttime photos would be challenging as it was still the middle of the day!

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding Receptions

Wedding luncheon at Vintage Hotels

Wedding cake at Vintage Hotels in Millcroft Inn and Spa

Vintage Hotels wedding luncheon

Vintage Hotels wedding reception

DJ at Vintage Hotels wedding ceremony

Wedding Reception at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Wedding Receptions at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Wedding Reception at Millcroft Inn and Spa

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How we turn our nighttime photography during daytime at MillCroft Inn and Spa

Being a preferred wedding photographer for vintage hotels and MillCroft Inn and Spa brings both advantages and challenges.
Whenever I photograph at this venue, I make it a point to discover a new location or view the familiar ones differently. If that’s not possible, I seek out alternative perspectives to capture creative shots.
For Kathryn and Riley’s wedding, I aimed to recreate a nighttime, almost sunset ambiance during the midday lighting at 5 pm. I strategically placed my couple in the open shade while I hid in dark shadows. With the sun’s backlighting, I used the stunning rim light that illuminated Kathryn’s gorgeous dress and Riley’s handsome posture.
These photos were just a part of the collection taken at this venue. Finishing by the river, which was turning into a waterfall just below the venue, we took a casual stroll around the main building. I hung back while Erika took the lead, capturing candid, intimate, non-posed moments filled with genuine joy.

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Millcroft Inn and Spa Garden Wedding

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The famous bridge at the Millcroft Inn and Spa

During our walk, we found ourselves at my favourite spot—the bridge, offering a picturesque view of the waterfall and the back entrance to their wedding reception area. We followed them to the end of the boardwalk, where they mingled with their guests on the porch overlooking the falls.
Avoiding the disappointment of a rainy day isn’t the sole conclusion to this wedding. Did we have some luck with the weather? Absolutely, and for that, we’re grateful. However, our positive outlook and willingness to adapt significantly influenced Kathryn and Riley’s experience. They embraced my suggestions eagerly, and together, we made it happen.
I am so happy that I could work with Kathryn’s family again, and I look forward to many more to come.

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Garden Wedding at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Bride and Groom by the waterfall at Millcroft Inn and Spa

Intimate Weddings at Vintage Hotels

Credits to below wedding professionals and locations that helped Kathryn and Riley’s wedding to be one-of-a-kind.
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2024 DA Photography
2nd Photographer: Erika Alvarenga
Wedding event planner: Teena Avery from Elegant Professional Events
Cocktail, wedding reception and photo session: MillCroft Inn and Spa, Alton, ON 

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