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As a wedding photographer, I have the pleasure of working at many different venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Engaged couples have the expressed ability to choose what type of venue suits their personal taste, as well as their budget. For my clients who are looking for a unique venue that is full of character and grandeur, I often suggest The Estates of Sunnybrook on Bayview Ave. in Toronto.

The Coach House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography

The Estates of Sunnybrook Historic and Accommodating

The Estates of Sunnybrook is one-stop shopping as far as location is considered. From the ceremony to the wedding photographs, to the end of night party, the Estates of Sunnybrook is a gorgeous backdrop for you and your loved ones to celebrate your commitment. With your choice of three beautiful, historic buildings nestled within 40 acres of tree-filled land, you have the ability to make your reception and ceremony unique. The estate can accommodate wedding parties from 6 to 200 people or more. Your choice to celebrate in The Vaughan Estate, The Coach House or McLean House will depend on how many guests you have and what type of wedding party you plan. All three houses have their own cozy feel to them. From the exquisite gardens at the McLean House to the large outdoor terrace at The Vaughan Estate, there really is something for every one and every party!

The Coach House Sign- The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA PhotographyChild play by the Coach House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography


The grounds at Estates of Sunnybrook are absolutely gorgeous and it’s always a pleasure for me to photograph weddings there. The numerous gardens create nooks and crannies within the grounds to take photos of the bride and groom and their various attendants and loved ones. The trees and greenery create a backdrop that accentuates my subjects. Buildings that are historically intact, like the ones at this estate, provide interesting backgrounds and textures for my images. Between the buildings, the sunlight-filled indoors and the landscaping, Sunnybrook is a dream location to photograph at.

Relax brunch at the Coach House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography

Organically Ethical

Estates of Sunnybrook is especially noted for their commitment to green living and fair trade. The chef at the estates has access to a vegetable garden with various herbs and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, sage and rhubarb. As you can imagine, this ensures the food at Sunnybrook is always fresh as well as delicious!

Details of table set up at Coach House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography Lunch table set up at Coach House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography Horderves table set up at Coach House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography Table set up at Coach House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography

Giving Back

The very essence of Estates of Sunnybrook is charity and donation, giving back to the community. At one point the estate was purchased by the University of Toronto and Sunnybrook Hospital turned it into a clinical facility. In 1982 the estate was renovated and used as a location for events such as conferences and weddings. Part of the proceeds from every event held at Sunnybrook is donated back to the hospital and used toward scientific research. The ideals of donation and charity are well ingrained into the culture of the estate and one generous couple even encouraged their guests to bring donations to the hospital in lieu of wedding gifts!

Guest gifts, christening at Couch House - The Estates of Sunnybrook - by DA Photography

More Information:

The website for The Estates of Sunnybrook  is packed full with a tonne of information, including interactive maps, the history of the land and much more. Our experience with the staff and managers at the estate have been nothing short of exceptional.

Here you can see a real spring wedding at Coach House as part of The Estates of Sunnybrook.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography.




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