Engagement Photographer | Romancing it Up with Julie and Gianni | Hamilton, ON

A romantic, fall engagement photo shoot at Albion Falls in Hamilton goes beyond the usual and incorporates the surrounding area, not just the waterfall. Popular Does Not Equal Better Albion Falls in Hamilton is a very popular destination for photographers and their eager subjects. When we arrived at the site, we saw about 25 photographers

Toronto Island | Couples Photographer | New Beginnings with Sandra & Garrett

Starting a business is challenging. You can read all business books and take all business courses but, in the end you are left to using your own instincts. Trusting your own judgement. What works for someone else, might not work for you or your business. One thing that has always worked well for me though,

Family Photographer | Getting What You Want | On Location with Andrea and Family

Some times we know just what we want. When Andrea and Adam chose the location where they wanted their wedding photos taken, they had expectations of their photographer. While there are some experienced and well-trained photographers out there, unfortunately not every one can see your vision and understand what you want. We’re all human and