Engagement Photographer | Cottage Life with Krystina and Anthony | Muskoka, ON

Their sunset engagement photo session taken at their cottage in Muskoka, was a magical one, complete with perfect weather. Krystina and Anthony for sure make the ultimate cute, young couple.  Relationship Building Cottage life is an integral part of Krystina and Anthony’s relationship. Living and working in the fast-paced city means that summers are spent relaxing

Toronto Island | Couples Photographer | New Beginnings with Sandra & Garrett

Starting a business is challenging. You can read all business books and take all business courses but, in the end you are left to using your own instincts. Trusting your own judgement. What works for someone else, might not work for you or your business. One thing that has always worked well for me though,

Local Photographer | Wedding Venue | Terrace on the Green

If you’re looking for a wedding venue or event place that has a cozy home-like ambience with many dining and reception options, Terrace on the Green is the place for you. From the Alexander Reception Area that holds 40 guests for a seated dinner to the Madison Banquet Rom that holds 150, each room is