Why Terrace on the Green weddings have guests still talking twenty years later? | Brampton, ON

Marsha and Chris were fans of Edgewater Manor and frequently dined there. When the time came to source wedding venues, they knew it wouldn’t accommodate the size of their party. They had a few strong contenders, but when they saw Edgewater’s other property, they instantly knew it was the one. Terrace on the Green weddings

How we fit in 7 different locations to this Paletta Mansion wedding, Burlington, ON

Eva and Damien’s story show just how interconnected worlds can be. They had originally seen my work at their friend Sadmir and Mari’s wedding. I did not fit into their budget so they had chosen to go with another photographer who happens to be a friend of mine Moussa from Fotoreflection. Unfortunately, they had to

Did you know about this hidden gem that my couple discovered following their Brampton church wedding? | Terrace on the Green, ON

Shawn and Scherrie-Ann were such a detail oriented couple who were adamant they wanted a Brampton Church wedding. Both were very passionate about photography and my capabilities which really spurred on my creativity. Jamaican born Shawn and Scherrie-Ann met in the Caribbean where their love story began. It wasn’t however until they reconnected in Canada