Tips for Group photos and use of location with DA Photography

Having groups in indoor controlled environment is easy task to handled because you have on hand many props that can be use to help you pose your groups. We don’t even talk about the lighting because your strobes & lightmetter will handle everything for you. Having the same group outdoor is little bit of challenge consider the

Felicia Fasulo’s Family Photo Session in Brampton, ON

When somebody book you to have their photo taken as a gift to their grandmother’s 80th birthday is honor and privilege to be able to capture such a amazing memories present in a priceless gift. And there were 8 grandchildren all dress up in white waiting to smile their best for their grandmother 80th birthday

Melanie’s Pre-Prom Night Photo Session

Trying to race with yesterday’s rain and wind we had some great photos with Melanie, Timmy’s daughter. Although most of the photos we were forced to take them indoor Melanie looked great in her prom nightdress. The most of all I liked the glasses how they compliment her face and the dress. Do I mention