Christina Ricketts Family Portrait Session at Loafer’s Lake Park, Brampton ON

I really love the fact that there are a million ways to be creative and capture the character of children (even toddlers!) while shooting portrait sessions on location. Studio portrait sessions also have their perks but for spring, summer and fall seasons, outdoors portrait sessions are my favourites. Working with Liam during one of these

Tristan & Jesse’s Maternity Photo Session in Centennial Park, Trenton, ON

This was photo session to Tristan & Jesse before little Nolan show up to this world. I think 3-4 days after these photos were taken Tristan gave birth to beautiful baby Nolan. I did not have chance to see him in person but I have seen photos of him, beautiful baby boy. Soon we will

Andrea, Adam & Graecin’s Family Photo Session at Loafer’s Lake, Brampton, ON

I think July the 17th this year was one of the hottest days this summer for me so far. The temperature was almost 40C and with a humidity factor of more than 50% at 12pm. Little 3-month old baby boy Graecin is in his best temperament at noon, just after his nap, happy and content,