Can you guess what this Kelso engagement had to do with some famous golden arches? Milton, ON

Anthony and Jessica went back to basics to honour the significance of their meeting place for their Kelso engagement. Whilst most couples want somewhere stunning as a backdrop for their photoshoot, my couple chose the best of both worlds.

Kelso Engagement Photo

We started our day out at the picturesque Kelso Conservation area in Milton, which looked extra magical in the snow. It was important for them to document the season without it overpowering the image and being too cold outside. By waiting for a warmer day, yet still having visible snow, we managed to balance all of our needs.

Kelso Engagement Photography

Kelso Engagement Photographer

Kelso Engagement Photographers

Kelso has some beautiful backdrops as there is a good mix of open space as well as rustic looking outhouses. The vibrant red and white siding added a powerful pop of colour against the cobbled brick infrastructure.

Kelso Conservation Area Engagement Photographer

Kelso Conservation Area Engagement Photography

Kelso Conservation Area Engagement Pictures

How this sizzling couple melted the snow during their winter Kelso engagement

Winter engagements are hard to dress for as you want something flattering yet without big bulky coats. My couple chose earthy colours with different textures to complement each other.

Kelso Conservation Area Engagement Picture

I love using interesting lines for my compositions, so Kelso was perfect due to the wooden barns and uneven fences.

Engagement Photography in MIlton

Top Engagement Photographers in MIlton

One of my signature shots is to get an unusual close up of the engagement ring. For this location, I positioned Jessica’s ring on the bark of the tree which added amazing detail and contrast.

Engagement Ring at Mill Pond in MIlton

The paths heading into the wooded area and the bridges offered amazing visuals to work with.

Top Engagement Photographer in MIlton at Rotary Park

Winter Engagements in Milton

I used both to draw my audience’s eyes to where I wanted them to focus.

Winter Engagement photo in Milton

Rotary Park engagement photography

Mill Pond engagement photography

You’ll never guess where we ended up shooting after this winter Kelso engagement.

Engagement in Milton

Once we had wrapped up at Kelso and Rotary Park  we headed over to the famous golden arches, none other than McDonalds! This location was particularly nostalgic for them as it was where they had met.

Engagements in Milton

Milton Engagement Photo

Milton Engagement Photos

Jessica was working there when Anthony first laid eyes on her and so they spend a lot of time there.

Milton Engagement Pictures

Milton Engagement Picture

The red wall on the outside of McDonalds tied into the red of the farmhouse linking their shoot locations nicely.

Milton Engagement Ring Photos

Winter is such an underrated season for photoshoots but as you can see from this Kelso engagement, it works wonderfully. The lighting is most of the time great as the sun doesn’t blind your subjects and you’re not fighting to find a quiet spot. My couples are generally more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera when there isn’t an audience.

Best Photographers for winter engagements in Milton

It was a pleasure to work with Anthony and Jessica and honour their wish to document where their journey began.

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Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
Lighting assistant: Jacquie Dudley
1st Photography Location: Kelso Conservation Area, MIlton, ON
2nd Photography Location: Mill Pond and Rotary Park , Milton, ON
Here you can see Jessica and Anthony’s wedding blog post.

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