Did you know about this hidden gem that my couple discovered following their Brampton church wedding? | Terrace on the Green, ON

Shawn and Scherrie-Ann were such a detail oriented couple who were adamant they wanted a Brampton Church wedding. Both were very passionate about photography and my capabilities which really spurred on my creativity.

Terrace on the Green Wedding Photographer

Jamaican born Shawn and Scherrie-Ann met in the Caribbean where their love story began. It wasn’t however until they reconnected in Canada that they knew it was more than a holiday romance. Their story of persistence, true love, time and effort proved that if you want something badly enough, you can make it happen.

Bride at Terrace on the Green

Brides at Terrace on the Green

Bridesmaids at Terrace on the Green

We started their wedding day by documenting both respective couples getting ready. The boys got ready at their house whilst Scherrie-Ann began her preparations at the Holiday Inn in Brampton.

Groom at Terrace on the Green

Grooms at Terrace on the Green in Brampton

Groomsman's in Brampton

The colour theme represented the colours of the Bahamas and complemented the stunning detailing of her wedding gown.

Bride in Brampton

Wedding Dress at Terrace on the Green

I always love getting some artistic shots of the wedding rings and playing around with shadows, props and vibrant colours.

Brides in Brampton

Wedding photos in Brampton

This image of the ring propped between the pages of the bible and creating a heart shaped shadow is one of my favourites.

Wedding Rings at Terrace on The Green

Wedding flowers Wedding Rings at Terrace on The Green

Wedding Rings at Terrace on The Green in Brampton

Terrace on the Green Wedding Photographers

Brampton Church wedding with a hidden gem of an event space

Wedding Photographer for Terrace on The Green

Wedding Photographers for Terrace on The Green

Terrace on The Green Wedding Photos

Outdoor Weddings in Brampton

Wedding Photography at Terrace on The Green in Brampton

One of Brampton’s best kept secrets is fine dining restaurant and event space, Terrace on the Green. Nestled away from the city and amongst sumptuous grounds, you feel like you have stumbled across a hidden oasis.

Weddings at Terrace on The Green

Bridal party at Terrace on The Green

Photos of Bridal party at Terrace on The Green

The grounds worked really well for the outdoor wedding photography session. It is obvious how much love and care goes into the upkeep of the gardens. Brightly coloured flowers, a waterfall, wine caskets, a gazebo and rustic covered areas offer plenty of different backdrops.

Brampton Garden Wedding

Brampton Garden Weddings

Following our pre wedding photo shoot we headed over to the Kennedy Road Tabernacle Church which boasted a state of the art sound and light system. I decided to photograph in a journalistic style to try and capture the energy and emotion of the ceremony.

Brampton Church Wedding

Church Wedding in Brampton

Church Weddings in Brampton

Brampton Church Weddings

Once the vows had been pledged we returned to Terrace on the Green for some pre dinner, dusky exterior shots.

Top Wedding Photographer in Brampton

Top Wedding Photographers in Brampton

Best Wedding Photographer in Brampton

The photo of my couple walking through the grounds arm in arm really captured a good representation of the surroundings.

Best Wedding Venue in Brampton

An abundance of windows and light made the reception feel spacious, luxurious and very different from the usual banquet hall.

Best Brampton Wedding Venues

Best Brampton Reception Venues

Best Brampton Reception Venue

If you are considering a Brampton church wedding, then don’t miss out on this hidden oasis of a reception space

Terrace on the Green is renowned as a fine dining steakhouse and seafood restaurant so guests talk about it for years. My couple had put a lot of effort into the detailing and accessorising and the hard work paid off.

Terrace on The Green Wedding Receptions

Wedding Cake at Terrace on The Green

It is so challenging to find an elegant and versatile event space with guaranteed high quality food. Often cooking for the masses means a dip in quality or service, but we didn’t see evidence of either.

Best Weddings in Brampton

Wedding Cake at Terrace on The Green in Brampton

Photograph of a bride and groom at Terrace on The Green

Terrace on The Green Photographs

I love it when I build a relationship with my clients as it makes everything so much more relaxed and carefree. It was my pleasure to capture their Brampton church wedding as I’d shot their engagement so we had a connection. As an exciting ending to this story, I recently got a update which they celebrate the birth of their newborn. Their wedding seemed a distant memory so it’s nice to be involved in capturing new milestones along the way. You can see their engagement photo session here.

Best Reception Venue in Brampton

Best Reception Venues in Brampton

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Lighting assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Here is full info featured for Terrace on the Green as a venue of itself. Plus some more weddings photographed at Terrace, Mike & Joanne, Andrea & Denis and Eddie & Ajla.

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