Kirk Green’s Family Portrait Session, Private Farm, Georgetown, ON

There are different reasons why people get photo sessions done. Some are to capture the seasons of a person’s life, to freeze a memory in time or to hold onto a special life event in pictures to reflect on the happiness experienced. Kirk, got these pictures done with his brother Ben and girlfriend Lauren as a gift to his mother and it was undoubtedly an incredibly sweet idea.

We were on location at a farm belonging to Kirk’s friend, which provided sensational backgrounds to work with. Photos taken at the beginning of autumn provide the best of the fresh greens of summer and the rich variety of colors that fall ushers in with it.

We got some pictures with the family dog Frank as well who was just as well mannered as his owners and got in a few of the pictures we took. It’s photo sessions like this one with Kirk, which serve as great reminders that a gift need not be glamorous to be impactful and thoughtful. Moreover, the real gift that this photo shoot revealed to me was the gift of having well behaved and loving children. We had a fantastic time and hope to capture more memories for this family.

Photos taken September 16th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography



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