7 little known facts about my family photography

With Summer fast-approaching, the need for family photography become more and more in demand. Obviously with COVID-19 and physical distancing restrictions, business are being forced to adjust their approach to doing businesses. They need to prioritize the clients’ needs to be safe first and foremost. At the same time,  they also need to keep their

How to get the best out of your group family photos | Burlington, ON

Megan and her four sisters wanted to surprise their parents with group family photos featuring the extended family. However, trying to narrow down a date that worked for everyone proved challenging. As a photographer, group photography is always more challenging as you are trying to engage multiple people at once. The key is being able

You decide who had the most fun during these spring family photos | Toronto, ON

I love being able to look back at my past photoshoots. I reminisce what brought us together and where our journey has taken us. So many of my clients have allowed me to document the most important chapters of their lives. It is my honour to have helped solidify these memories. In my experience, when