Hendrie Park Engagements are exceptional and here’s what I’ve learned

No matter how many times I have done Hendrie Park engagement sessions, I just can’t stop talking about them. They continue to dazzle me. As part of Royal Botanical Gardens, Hendrie Park is a unique area with so much to offer for all different kinds of photography. Previously, I have photographed the ceremony of Sanja

Why arranging Royal Botanical Gardens Engagement is worth every penny, RBG, Burlington, ON

Having photographed previous weddings at Hendrie Park I knew this Royal Botanical Gardens engagement would be great. This location offers so much variety and is so diverse that every couple will be able to find its appeal, no matter their style. Misha and Alex met me through her mom Sandi. Interestingly, Sandy was actually the

Wedding Photographer | This Burlington golf wedding represented the true meaning of family | Burlington, ON

Carrie and Mike’s Burlington golf wedding has remained one of my favourite experiences to date. Above all, it showed the power of perseverance as well as incredible family values. We met at a wedding show in 2015 and hit it off instantly. Carrie was drawn to my personality and Mike was memorized by the vibrancy