Bree-Anne Dubeau’s Family Portrait Session at Coronation Park, Burlington, ON

The hallmark of autumn is it’s changing ways and as a result, photo shoots can sometimes be unpredictable with what the weather brings. Thankfully, this photo shoot, while on the cooler side, brought an array of rich colors to dot the landscape behind the Dubeau’s family. It certainly makes photographing anything easier, when the setting

Jeremy Clark’s Family Portrait Session at Heart Lake Conservation Area, Brampton, ON

Taking photos outdoors as the beginnings of winter grow firm in its grip of nature can create such magical settings that have a way of transcending any effect Photoshop could create. The rich colors of fall and the blending of other powerful elements to create a symphony for the eyes in a picture, is really

Tara Boyle’s Family Portrait Session by DA Photography at Bronte Park, Oakville, ON

Parents are the heart of the family and children are the soul inside it. The photo session Tara set up for her family demonstrates this in a beautiful way. Memories are a sacred entity for many families as they capture the essence of the best of their loved ones and freeze in time, the things