Dave Colbert’s Family Portrait Session at Paletta Lakefront Park & Mansion, Burlington, ON

Fall portrait sessions lend themselves to gorgeous scenery and are sometimes at the will of the weather of the season. This can bring about unique challenges for a photographer but a wealth of experience lends itself to the consistent capturing of the beauty of family regardless of the weather. They were eager for the session

Jamee and Rayon Walker’s Wedding Day by DA Photography, Brampton, ON

Weddings celebrate the transformative and long lasting love that two people find, inviting the important people in their lives to celebrate with them. This was true of the nuptials exchanged between Jamee and Rayon whose wedding day could best be summed up by the word, ‘celebrate’. The beautiful and boisterous couple had excited smiles on

Fall Family Portrait Session at LaSalle Park & Marina, Burlington, ON

Families that book yearly photo sessions are always wonderful to interact with because they’re quite accustomed to the ins and outs of what takes place. They are often familiar with what’s going to take place on a technical level, but are often reserved at first, as they get to know the photographer taking their pictures.