Should you include your family pet in your summer engagement photos? | Burlington, ON

Amee and Balkar knew they had a very short timeframe to execute their summer engagement photos. Their wedding was planned the following month! The beauty of having built up a relationship with them through various friend and family events meant we had an open dialogue and they were familiar with my style. It was really

4 Items to bring to help incorporate your pets in your Family Session | Guelph, ON

While my main photography style is centered around people, I simply couldn’t write my blog without mentioning my client’s pets too. So far, the majority of the pets used for family sessions have been dogs. Most likely it is because these fur-babies work best in the parks and outdoor locations of the sessions. However, there

Your ideal engagement photo location may be closer than you thought | Mount Hope, ON

Can you imagine being able to literally roll out of bed and arriving at your engagement photo location? Sounds idyllic, yet this was the reality for Hunter and James who were lucky enough to have the perfect photoshoot location in their backyard. Hunter and James, who already had a gorgeous little boy, Turner, knew they