Rock Garden Engagement that showcase the beauty of Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington

This Rock Garden engagement was destined to happen from the moment when I met Megan and Rob. I meet countless bride and grooms-to-be at wedding shows throughout the year. I try to really connect with everyone but it becomes overwhelming to remember them all. It is my understanding that the feeling is mutual, as I

Wedding Photographer | This Burlington golf wedding represented the true meaning of family | Burlington, ON

Carrie and Mike’s Burlington golf wedding has remained one of my favourite experiences to date. Above all, it showed the power of perseverance as well as incredible family values. We met at a wedding show in 2015 and hit it off instantly. Carrie was drawn to my personality and Mike was memorized by the vibrancy

Royal Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer | Are you looking for a versatile wedding location? | Burlington, ON

Sanja and Victor had already picked their venue when they started their search for a Royal Botanical Gardens wedding photographer. Sanja comes from Serbian heritage and Victor from a Romanian background so with my Macedonian roots, we hit it off. They were relieved that I would be able to converse with her family and my