These Fantasy Fables birthday photos prove that dreams really do come true | Burlington, ON

As a father to two boys, my knowledge of anything to do with princesses and fairies was pretty limited. I had no idea that places like Fantasy Fables Princess Ballroom and Boutique even existed as our birthday parties were usually based around Legos and ninjas. Consider my mind blown when I was approached by Bahara

You decide who had the most fun during these spring family photos | Toronto, ON

I love being able to look back at my past photoshoots. I reminisce what brought us together and where our journey has taken us. So many of my clients have allowed me to document the most important chapters of their lives. It is my honour to have helped solidify these memories. In my experience, when

Family Photographer | Why these cherry blossom photos at High Park were worth the wait | Toronto, ON

Amarendra had been on the radar for a couple of years before I took these gorgeous cherry blossom photos in High Park, Toronto. He had been following my work and commenting on my social media posts. However, he was not yet ready to invest in a family photo session for himself. Amarendra was determined to