Appreciating the simple things in life for these springtime Georgetown engagement photos | Norval, ON

When Danielle and Nicholas approached me looking for a photographer for their Georgetown engagement, little did I know that my camera would earn me their trust! After a conversation about styles and work, Danielle casually asked me what camera I used. When I told her Cannon, she revealed that she work for Cannon and that

Spring family portraits get personalities to shine through thanks to Mom’s attention to details| Burlington, ON

These spring family portraits were focused on highlighting each child’s personality and bringing out the fun for their photo session. Each child brought something that was meaningful to them; a guitar, drumsticks and a doll. This helped them get comfortable in front of the camera right from the beginning. Having such an organized Mom also

Wedding Photographer | What elements would you incorporate for creative engagement photos? | Caledon, ON

When a couple first approaches me wanting creative engagement photos, they usually show me something from pinterest etc for inspiration. Jen and Jeff had a very different vision which led to an incredibly heartfelt and personalised engagement session. I first met Jen though her sister Niki, whose wedding I was due to shoot. Unfortunately as