Monty Munde’s Family Photo Session at Loafer’s Lake, city of Brampton, ON

Here is one more of the photo sessions that I did on my birthday this year. This was number 3 for that day when we didn’t know if we can make it because the rain.

Having in mind that in this photo shot was involved entire close family of Monty I had to be fast enough to get all group photos done first before the rain (if any) come so then we can work with single family or couples individually under gazebo, tree etc, etc.

All group photos were done fast with lot of fun, excitement and big time laughter.We finish the groups, the families and at the end after the last couple was done the rain come exactly at the end of our two our photo session. Somebody was lucky, just I don’t know who, me or Monty’s family?!

All photos are available for viewing to those which password is provided on DA Photography’s online viewing gallery.Photos taken June 24th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography. Location: Loafer’s Lake Park, city of Brampton, ON


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