5 Facts that no one told you about relaxed Engagement Photography |Guelph, ON

With images of Julia and Curtis’ engagement photography, I would like to share 5 facts that no one tells you for a more relaxed photo session. Perhaps there are more of us photographer out there who like to be proactive and inform you prior to the session. However, the couples that have come to me

Mississauga winter engagement photoshoot highlights the beauty of utilizing our local parks | Mississauga, ON

Sadmir and Mari had their heart set on a Mississauga winter engagement photoshoot to contrast with their Casa Loma summer wedding. They wanted to walk away with images that would highlight the beauty of each season, from environment, backdrops and visuals, to their attire. As self declared outdoorsy people, their suggested location of Etobicoke Centennial

Susan, Deleo & Kaylee’s Family Photo Session in Etobicoke, ON

It was perfect weather for a perfect photo shoot with Deleo & Susan. It is not possible to have a wrong set-up or scene when you are working with two happy people who love each other so much, picture perfect. The beginning of a photo session is always about breaking the ice, however it happened