Daniela Voicu’s Family Portrait Session at Adamson Estate in Mississauga, ON

Photographing twins is definitely a challenge but at the same time tons of fun. Once you have one of them relaxed, the other most always will follow. Adding in a brother that is a teenage boy adds to the challenge and fun as well! Voicu’s family proved that actually this mixture is not all that difficult. The

Lauren Kehoulas’s Family Portrait Session at Mississauga, ON

I have always loved to photograph families in their own environment, which makes them even more relaxed and photogenic. With the subjects already at ease, it gives me additional time to focus on the more creative images that I capture for them and great memories in turn. For Lauren’s photo session, her parents had an

Nancy, Delio & Alex’s Family Photo Session at Kariya Park, Japanese Garden, Mississauga, ON

For almost every family photo session that involves children I have my own special technique to connect with the shyest kid or even one that just doesn’t really trust strangers. Having only a one hour time frame for most photo shoots, I have had a lot of experience making everyone relaxed in short time frames,