Shawn Walia’s Sangeet Pre-Wedding Party in Versailles Convention Centre, Mississauga, ON

I don’t know if some of you who may read this post have been present on Sangeet (Indian pre-wedding party) but if have not I have to tell you that is one of most eventful celebration (beside the weddings one) that you may see. From the very beginning up to the end there is constant

How to decide location for photographing your engagement Couples – DA Photography Tips

Long time ago very often I have admired nice edited photos that I have been seen in a magazine, TV or other media. I have been asking why I can’t have those same edited photos. Obviously I have been looking for breath taking places where nobody have visited before. After traveling all around the world

Dina & Basim’s Engagement Photo Session, Mississauga, ON

It’s always nice to have an engagement couple compliments your work, and it is even nicer to have a request from the same couple to have photos taken in similar way/finish as I have on my web site.During our meeting showed me photos (from my web site) that they would like replicate for their engagement