Church Wedding with a vintage Volkswagen van theme

Nowadays, I find that fewer couples plan to have a church wedding. While they still honour their faiths in their ceremonies, there are many factors that form this decision for many. Strict church rules and limited availability or specific time-slots tends to top the list of reasons for this. However, the uprise of one-stop shops

Why this couple traded their idyllic California lifestyle for a Burlington Convention Centre wedding

It’s not often that I get booked as a wedding photographer without having met the couple in person. Yet, this was the story behind Emma and Jim. When Emma moved from Ontario to California, she had met Jim out there and fell in love. Wanting a true Filipino celebration, they decided to fly back to

Wedding Photographer |You know it will be a fun wedding when you mix Irish Bride and Latino Groom| Oakville Harbour, ON

I knew I was in for a fun day when I initially met Claire and Gary to discuss their wedding plans at Oakville Harbour. When you mix Irish and Latino cultures, you are guaranteed a party to remember. Emotionally charged Latino, Irish wedding This was a wedding that I will always hold near to my