Should you include your family pet in your summer engagement photos? | Burlington, ON

Amee and Balkar knew they had a very short timeframe to execute their summer engagement photos. Their wedding was planned the following month! The beauty of having built up a relationship with them through various friend and family events meant we had an open dialogue and they were familiar with my style. It was really

How to get the best out of your group family photos | Burlington, ON

Megan and her four sisters wanted to surprise their parents with group family photos featuring the extended family. However, trying to narrow down a date that worked for everyone proved challenging. As a photographer, group photography is always more challenging as you are trying to engage multiple people at once. The key is being able

Why these Father’s Day photos offer more than just a memory | Burlington, ON

I’m an advocate for believing that we should embrace mothers and fathers throughout the year as opposed to celebrating a particular date. However, I’m also the first to get emotional when my boys bring home their school made Father’s Day gifts. I have been working with Farhana and her family since 2013, when her twin