Waiting for the perfect snowstorm panned out for this Burlington winter engagement | Burlington, ON

Christina and Thomas knew they wanted a Burlington winter engagement. Finding that perfect snowy day proved challenging. In fact, it almost never happened as we were plagued with either bad weather conditions, extreme temperatures or poor lighting. Finally, in April, I saw that we were due one last snowstorm and the forecast was for sun

A fall family outfit dress guide to ensure complimentary colours | Burlington, ON

Fall is one of my most popular times of year for family portrait sessions due to the amazing colours of nature. During this time, I am often asked what colour scheme my clients should wear. Although Roman’s family had already got a colour theme in mind, others need some tips. In this blog, I have

Spring family portraits get personalities to shine through thanks to Mom’s attention to details| Burlington, ON

These spring family portraits were focused on highlighting each child’s personality and bringing out the fun for their photo session. Each child brought something that was meaningful to them; a guitar, drumsticks and a doll. This helped them get comfortable in front of the camera right from the beginning. Having such an organized Mom also