Ashley’s Newborn Photo Session, Toronto

I had chance to talked with Ashley couple weeks before the actually photo session when she booked me for the new arrival, their daughter who was on the way to be born. Ashley was “only” eight months pregnant at the time with the little “A”. My advice then was, “get as much sleep as you can”,

Kenneth Morgan’s Family Photo Session at Kariya Park, Japanese Garden, Mississauga,ON

I enjoy it so much when I have to go back to my favorite shooting locations and photograph different style of photography. Sometimes the same place looks way different when you have wedding or family photograph on that spot’ Today was the case with Morgan’s family who pick Kariya Park as they favorite place for

Tanya & Little “S” Father’s Day Photo Session, by DA Photography at The Old Seed House Garden, Georgetown, ON

I will be trilled to have my family give me Father’s Day gift photos of both of them, my wife and my 18th months son. I would cherish for a lifetime those photos, I know I will. On a same idea came Tanya when she booked me to take photos of her and her little