The Big Cannoli bakery was the perfect location for this Terrace wedding photographer to set up for his portraits

As important members of Claire and Gary’s wedding party back in 2016, Diana and Sebastian reconnected with me once the question had been popped. Knowing my style and seeing the end results meant they were confident in their decision. However, their needs vs budget for a Terrace wedding photographer did not matched my rates. I

Da Vinci hall wedding highlighted why the luxury of a wedding planner helped saved the day | Woodbridge, ON

Nowadays the majority of our business and planning is done online with most people considering themselves fairly tech savvy. Having the capability to research vendors, create Pinterest boards for inspiration and order from anywhere in the world at the click of a button means that hiring someone to fulfil the role of a wedding planner

Lifestyle Photographer | Lifestyle Photo Session with Shalini & Family | Woodbridge, ON

Stay-At-Home Photography Why travel with two young children to take photos outside when you can stay indoors, in your own home? Lifestyle photo session, photography is a term we use for photojournalistic style photos that are taken in your own home. Over the years you will move to new homes. If you don’t move, you’ll