Kathy Kim’s Family Portrait Session in Oakville, ON

Often when photographing families, it is the first time in front of the camera for the couples since their wedding. Many say that they felt awkward during the wedding photos and bring that presumption with them to our family session.  It was so rewarding to hear Kathy & Val comment on how happy they were

Christina Ricketts Family Portrait Session at Loafer’s Lake Park, Brampton ON

I really love the fact that there are a million ways to be creative and capture the character of children (even toddlers!) while shooting portrait sessions on location. Studio portrait sessions also have their perks but for spring, summer and fall seasons, outdoors portrait sessions are my favourites. Working with Liam during one of these

Daniela Voicu’s Family Portrait Session at Adamson Estate in Mississauga, ON

Photographing twins is definitely a challenge but at the same time tons of fun. Once you have one of them relaxed, the other most always will follow. Adding in a brother that is a teenage boy adds to the challenge and fun as well! Voicu’s family proved that actually this mixture is not all that difficult. The